Steve Manes
It was a dark and stormy night...
when I moved from my Greenwich Village loft to my house in Brooklyn. Three years later I still had my Welcome to Lower Manhattan! home page. In fact, I hadn't updated it since 1994. For a cutting edge web guy like me that was pretty pathetic. I think I was waiting for design inspiration to hit me on the head like a pigeon with heart failure.

Wait! Isn't this the old MAGPIE.COM home page? The one that looked like it was built in 1997? Yup! And it still does. Look, I'm just a back-end web developer and graphically challenged at best. It really makes me appreciate the talented graphics people I usually work with professionally.

As of April 2016, the 23 year-old Magpie retired to Stockport, Cheshire in the UK, where it has a new home, new friends and an exciting new life with the Entertainment Magpie Group. I'll miss her terribly but she's off to bigger and better things, I hope.

But I digress.

If you're a software developer like me, your home page needs a link to your resume. And maybe an obligatory bio. My current project is the Health and Ready To Learn web site for Children's Health Fund.

A personal home page means you need to talk about your interests. Most of them are motorcycle and woodworking-oriented. Since I'm a former professional bass player, I wound up inheriting The Bottom Line mailing list, which I relocated to a new Facebook home. I'm also a streaming media junkie. If there's nothing on NetFlix, Amazon Prime or Hulu, I'm happy to chill with train videos.

Being the verbose guy that I am, I figured that I needed a blog to vent about stuff like the renovation of my 1903 Brooklyn row house. If you have some time, visit

Finally, a personal home page needs some links to the author's favorite web sites. While I spend a lot of time on the web, I don't have many favorite URLs, or at least none that I don't religiously scrub from my browser cache. Being a political junkie and not a fan of #FakePresident, I subscribe to the digital editions of the NY Times and the Washington Post. And I have a soft spot for Forgotten New York -- a great find for NYC insomniacs.

Edited 1/13/18 by Steve Manes