Tip for restoring a deleted Applications folder from the Dock

A lot of my blog posts are Post-Its for my own brain.  So is this one.  I’ve managed to accidentally drag my Applications folder to the trash twice now and both times I had to wade through a half dozen non-optimal solutions on the web to find the one that actually restored it to what I had before.

In OSX 10.6 it’s actually pretty easy, if not very intuitive.

Open Finder and select Macintosh HD.  Then right-click on Applications in the second column and select Get Info.  That will give you a popup like this.

Under Preview, you’ll see a folder with an “A” on it.  Click and drag it just to the right of your Dock.  Because it’s a folder OSX won’t let you actually place it in the Dock.

Then right click on the folder to set how you would like it displayed, i.e. List, Grid, etc.

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